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MeloMomma: Halloween Pre Funk

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Pre Funk

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Wow! Yesterday was a crazy one. Our morning started off with the normal breakfast and play time. My hubby was sweet enough to run the errands this morning. When I go to WalMart with two boys I come home frazzled and in need of a “time out”. LOL. So, we were just hanging out and enjoying our Saturday morning.

The morning quickly became an extremely rushed one. There were Halloween events going on all day in various parts of town. Oh man! Hurry up!!! I am the kind of mom who is energetic and hates to miss a beat. I got everyone quickly showered and dressed! I threw together a large dish of baked ziti so we could eat it for lunch and dinner. It was simply delicious too!

The relaxing Saturday I though we were having was chaotic and becoming too stressful to have fun. Stress really does take away from the fun times we are about to have, however, you know that when rushing a toddler and a preschooler stress is going to happen. Needless to say, we made it and even had a little time to spare.

So, what did we do that made us rush? First off we went downtown and participated in the trick or treating of the local businesses. It was extremely rainy but fun. I am very thankful for the rain boots my mom just got me. I would have had very cold feet if not.

Then, we ran home to dry off. We stayed home for a snack and to dry off. Thirty minutes later we were off to a Halloween carnival. However, there is a huge problem! I drove down there and it said the carnival was Friday. Oh No! We missed it. It is not Friday. Bummer! The kids were bummed so I took them for ice cream at McDonald’s. While there, my husband called to see how the carnival was. I told him the story. He was on his way home from getting candy and balloons for Halloween and he said he saw lots of people there. Oh CRAP! I went to the wrong place.

I quickly hurried the kids and we left McDonald's and on to the carnival. Could this day get any more chaotic? We finally made it and it was really really fun. There was lots of fun games such as: fishing, ring toss, bowling, cupcake decorating, and even a bounce house. I am so glad we made it despite the craziness along the way. Happy Halloween!



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