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Beautiful Kid Friendly Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece

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MeloMomma: Beautiful Kid Friendly Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful Kid Friendly Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece

What you will need:
Tree greens
Towel or washable tablecloth

1. Lay a pine cone on the covered surface.
2. Apply glue to the tips of the pine cone.

3. Sprinkle with glitter.
4. Repeat to as many pine cones as desired.
5. Lay tree greens flat.
6. Apply glue and glitter.

7. Repeat to as many greens as desired.
8. Allow all to dry.
9. Arrange as desired to create your holiday centerpiece.

I added a candle, beads, and a napkin holder to our centerpiece for finishing touches.

Sometimes in the chaos of shopping and cooking for the holidays makes the little ones get bored. This elegant craft was created by my 4 year old. I displayed it but he made it all. So... while you are getting business done, set your kiddo up with this craft and get yourself a beautiful centerpiece too. Don't forget to enjoy that quality time while on the nature walk for the pine cones and tree greens!

Happy Holidays!



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