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MeloMomma: WHAT??? An Ordinary Day???

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WHAT??? An Ordinary Day???

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You have got to be kidding me! I sarted this blog yesterday saying how crazy and silly my life is and what does life give me today? An ordinary day with very little mishap.

We started our day off early to a field trip with my son's pre school. I thought I would be late when I looked at the gas gauge and realized that after my nail appointment last night I forgot to fill up my gas guzzler. I whipped in to the nearest gas station and got myself a quick twenty. We were on time!

Neither of my kids liked the structure of the guided tour. It was an extreme challenge with my one year old. Let's just say there was a lot of loud crying. Once the tour was over and the play time began both kids had a blast.

Then the day got really fun! We had some friends come over for lunch and even more play time.There was that little bump in the road decidinig what to play and how to share, but I guess they are only 4 years old right? WAIT!!! HOLD IT!!! I must not forget the Massive meltdown my oldest son, Gabe had when his friends wanted to draw a picture on the art easel. Gabe has had the same drawing on the dry erase board for 3 months. If it even gets smudged he crys as if you just killed his cat. His meltdown today was extremely embarassing! I'd have to rate it an 8. Keep following my blog to hear about meltdowns rating a 9 and 10. LOL

Oh... and we even met a new neighbor kid. Score!!

Ok, now we get into the rough part of the day. DINNER! The dreaded word DINNER! Heaven forbid my sons eat their dinner and don'task for hard boiled eggs, pizza, and GoGurt. Gabe refused to eat the delicious pork chops I made, so he made off to play in the back yard while my one year old whined in his high chair until I picked him up and held him on my lap. I relish the day I can take a full thirty minutes to eat my dinner (with no kids on my lap) and actually taste it.

It was a pretty good day despite the normal bumps in the road.

Yet, since I started this blog just yesterday I am kicking myself and wondering where all the drama was today?



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