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MeloMomma: Did I Just Bribe My Kids?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Did I Just Bribe My Kids?

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Bribery, oh sweet bribery. Never did I imagine myself having to bribe my kids. Some of my favorite ones are, “Come on son. Sit back in the grocery cart and I promise to buy you a candy bar!” “If you take a bath you can have a piece of fudge” “If you sleep in your own bed all night for 3 nights you can get a new toy” and “If you don't have any accidents you can choose what we eat for dinner”. Does any of these sound a little familiar?
When I was prego I had no real clue what was in store for me. I did not think I would have to bribe them just to get through a normal everyday event. I imagined myself being a hard core mom who's children always listened and never back talked. Yeah right! What dream world was I living in? I reserve bribery for those tough times where I feel the world is coming to an end, but lately that is seeming more often.
When my children started walking and talking I quickly found ways to work through the tough times. I do try to avoid bribery when possible but as the night goes on and I get even more exhausted it becomes a case of “do what you have to do to get through the day”.
Do you frown upon bribery completely or use it when necessary?



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