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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Stole The Letter C Off My Computer?

It was a wild day here! I had lots of errands to run and a full day of tasks needing completed. We are all a little down with a cold, so I am not 100% on top of my game. Although, my kids are sick too, they still expect me to be Super Mom.

The morning started with Hayden pulling the letter C off of my keyboard. It was not fixable. IRRITATING! You have got to be kidding me? Is my morning really starting off like this? My husband switched out my keyboard to a new one. Score!

We left the house at 9am and headed to Winco for some groceries. Gabe, my oldest, was so good. He helped grab food off the shelf and he even bagged 50% of all the groceries when done! Hayden normally hates sitting the the cart. I made him sit there until we were almost done. I waited until he was really angry to take him out. I normally take him out at his first fuss, but I was really wanting to eliminate the stress. Mission complete.

Now, off to Rite Aide and Joanne's. The boys were pretty good through all of the shopping. Now, off to home to put all this stuff away.

Hayden was so tired he went to sleep right after we got home. I was able to get all the groceries put away, male Gabe lunch, and, make a dozen chocolate covered bananas all before Hayden woke up!

Now, let's fast forward. I took Gabe to school. I picked him up. Yada yada yada.

Now, I am thankful the roast was already in the crock pot because it is 5pm and I am still cleaning up the house. My 3 boys, yes I said three (husband included), make a mess faster than I can clean it. At 6:30pm the dinner and the cleaning was done. My boys were actually playing really nice too. All the sudden I heard a big bang!

Gabe and Hayden knocked over a big plant stand and my beautiful spider plant. Housecleaning not done!

Ten minutes later Hayden walked over to his brother, who was laying down, and smacked him on the back with a DVD case.

Today was a crazy day!



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