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Day 5:"Bye Bye BackTalk"

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MeloMomma: Day 5:"Bye Bye BackTalk"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5:"Bye Bye BackTalk"

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Today is thankfully the last day of my challenge. I believe things would have been better if I was not sick, but that is life.

It was a hard day and not much of a good one to share. Except one big meltdown.

Gabe had an enormous fit early this morning. I was taking a quick shower. You know... a 7 minuet shower to clean yourself and your baby. It is a race to get it done before the preschooler needs you.

Usually I can shower quick enough,but not today. Gabe needed to go poo and does not like to wipe his own toosh. He hollered for me but I was in the shower. He finally gave up an came up the stairs to get me. He was so upset, so I rushed out of the shower. He was having a melt down like I had never seen before. I shower every morning and had never witnessed this.

After mommy and baby were dressed I tried to comfort Gabe, but he would not have it. His choice quickly became to either hush up an come downstairs to play or stay up stairs an throw a fit, alone. 

Twenty minutes later he came down stairs still having a fit. He took it to a level I had never seen. He was bouncing around and throwing himself around, into the walls, as if he was possessed. I love my son dearly, but this was unbelievable.

We finally got through it and had an OK afternoon. We even went to a local carnival.

I do not think I made my kids into angels over this 5 day challenge but I did realize how much better our day goes when I remain calm and in control. I am the boss not the kids! This is one mom realizing that nothing gets solved when you get angry!

Thank you for joining in my challenge!



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