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MeloMomma: Day 2: "Bye Bye BackTalk"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2: "Bye Bye BackTalk"

Day two... OK.... Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Today was a day! The whole day was fantastic until we had a play date. Don't get me wrong. We had a fabulous time with our friends just as long as they followed Gabe's rules. We all know that was not going to happen. Kick your feet up and have a good read!

Last night my little guy, Hayden was very sick. He vomited on me so much that we needed to shower, change the bed sheets, and basically mop up the bathroom floor. It was really really bad and stinky I might add. When the puking finally stopped and we were all cleaned up we finally got some rest. It was a hard night because my little man woke up sick every few hours. Needless to say, we made it and he is feeling much better today.

As the sun starts to peak out for the day so does my son, Gabe. He was sweet and hung out with his dad for about ten minutes while his brother and I rested. I just had a feeling this was too good to be true. Gabe came up the stairs all hot and heavy about something. I was tired but I think I gathered that his Dad would not let him play a video game. Gabe can not just play these games alone. He likes the games for 8 year old’s so he needs a lot of help. Gabe is crazy to have come ask me. I despise my four year old playing games, so I was quick to answer with a NO. Gabe would not take no for an answer and he proceeded to be as irritating as possible until Hayden and I were awake. Oh man! Are we really starting the day like this?

The morning actually turned out OK. I have really been paying attention to the fact that I am the mom and I am in charge of how our day runs. I got some non video games out and we played while having breakfast. Then we had a fabulous time doing our preschool pages! It was a wonderful morning.

Right after lunch, my neighbor and friend called needing a hair cut. We now were on a time schedule because we had some other friends coming over to visit within the hour. I found myself in a little panic wondering why I always stretch myself so thin. We grabbed shoes and drinks and walked up the hill. It was a piece of cake. I did a little trim, the boys played, and we were back home with time to spare. We played legos, pulled weeds, and rode bikes.

Now is the time of day Gabe had been waiting for all week! Well, I had been looking forward to it too! His friend was here to play!!! Now, since he was so excited I figured there would be no issues.

WRONG!!! Gabe got some rubber mice for Halloween. He flipped out when his friend's sister was playing with them. Not just a little sad, but he Flipped out. It was an 8 on the fit throwing scale. I got a little embarrassed and elevated my voice enough to get my point across but never yelled. A time out was issued twice.

I thought the situation was fixed but then he threw a fit because she had his pillow pet. I could clearly see that this was going to be the case with any toy she touched. Another time out was issues and the mice and the pillow pet were put up until tomorrow. The mood changed shortly after this and we had a good visit. Talk about some embarrassing behavior.

The rest of the day was OK. Gabe had a good dinner and Hayden even sat at the table without a fit during dinner. ( I got rid of Hayden's highchair. He is in a big boy booster now). Now it is time for this mommy to relax! Oh and yes... I did succeed again today! I kept it all under control!



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