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Day 1: "Bye Bye BackTalk"

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MeloMomma: Day 1: "Bye Bye BackTalk"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: "Bye Bye BackTalk"

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Day 1: Bye Bye Backtalk

I imagined today to be a little bit of a head ache. We have had good and bad moments. I was hoping to see both boys getting along by the end of the day and not pinching each other but that was not the case. Maybe by day 5 this will happen.

The morning started off really smooth until bath time. Bath time sucks everyday, so why should today be any different. Gabe flipped out when I said bath time. He reacts as if you just broke his favorite toy. He was given a choice and told to choose quickly. The choice is time out or bath; sweet and simple. Somehow he makes himself produce real tears as we make our way upstairs. We made it through bath time with only the one fit but he did pinch his brother for splashing in his bath water. This pinching is getting old. He got his only warning for the day. Next time it is time out.

After bath time there was another episode. Gabe pinched again. Time out number 1! Gabe cried and cried as if it was unfair to be in timeout for pinching. Get real son! I don't even know where he learned to pinch, but he will not be rewarded for it!

To keep from turning day one into a novel I will sum it up. We had 4 time outs today. 1 time out for backtalk and 3 for being too rough with little brother or for pinching. I love to see my boys play together until Gabe shoves Hayden's face into the wall. Boys will be boys but I don't want to see a broken bone or blood. OK, he is not really that rough but you get my drift.

I never raised my voice once today. I think this was a huge aid in our day running a little smoother. I feel great too! I guess this is really becoming a challenge for my kids and their mommy.

Check back in tomorrow for another update!



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