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MeloMomma: Day 3:"Bye Bye BackTalk"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3:"Bye Bye BackTalk"

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Day 3 of Bye Bye BackTalk was a little harder. Our morning really did go very well. We were showered and out of the house by 9:15am. Today we needed to grab dog food and a birthday gift for Gabe's best friend. Gabe was an angel in the store and Hayden did really well until the end! Yay!

When we got home the sun was shining so we rode bikes and had a wonderful time playing outside. The boys had a Popsicle as well! It was a beautiful November day!

We had no real issues until preschool. Today, at school, was chapel so Hayden and I stayed through this part. Gabe got real sad during chapel and wanted to sit with his mommy but his teacher said no. I wanted to knock her out because that made him sad but I get it. The whole class is sitting there as a group and he needs to as well. That is just the mama bear in me!

After chapel it was time for school and I needed to leave. He was sad again but he calmed down shortly after I walked out. Everyday I hang out in the parking lot for a while talking with my friend and today I got lucky. Her daughter had to potty so they had a reason to go back into the school! Score! I knew she would let me know if Gabe was OK. So, I headed home knowing that if there was an issue she would call right away!

She did call right when I pulled in the drive way, but no bad news. I guess the teacher has figured out were friends and was quick to tell her that Gabe stopped crying right after I left! So, thankfully the phone call brought me good news!

After preschool everything was still going great! We even drove out to see a baby cow who was just born two hours ago! It was adorable and still a little wobbly on it's feet.

The issues were after school when the playtime got too rowdy. We have soft and hard swords. The boy's are only allowed to sword fight with soft swords. They seem to forget this every ten minutes. Gabe busted his brother in the hand and all hell broke loose. The crying was a 10 on the volume scale. I may need hearing aids if we have to hear crying like that again, but the poor baby was hurt.

The situation was fixed within 15 minutes and I took the boy's up the hill to play with a group of neighbor kids.

Again all was well until bed. I feed my kids anytime they are hungry but when I ask then if they want a snack before bed and the answer is no, I expect them to get ready for bed. Of course, three minutes after I lay Gabe down he is hungry! It is the end of my day and my nerves are getting a little thin. I was not happy about it and he knew that but I did feed him.

It was not prefect today, I raised my voice a few times when frustrated! I was able to keep myself in check 95% of the day, but when I got angry I did deserve a time out. I hope to have a total success tomorrow!



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