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MeloMomma: A Massive Brain Fart

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Massive Brain Fart

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How hard could it be to take a crib apart? I imagined it to take about 15 minutes and I knew I would surprise my husband. I was so WRONG!
Things started off OK. Gabe was downstairs playing really well, so I headed upstairs to tackle my task. Armed with the screwdriver in one and and a toddler in the other, I was confident in my abilities. 5 screws were out in under a minute. I thought I was on a roll! Zip Zip Zip, all the screws are out but now I need that tool that looks like a “L”. I still do not know what that stupid thing is called. I have no desire to acquire the name. It will forever be the “L” tool in this family.

I got everything apart with the screw driver and the “L” tool but now I can not figure out the last step. There is a random screw so close to the top of the crib rail and I can not figure out how to fit that “L” tool in there. It seemed so long. I spent twenty minutes screwing around with this tool and busted my knuckles a dozen times. I was clearly not going to figure it out. I did not want to wait for my hubby to come home so I had to give in and call him. Surprised ruined.

He was not understanding what I was saying at all and this was even more frustrating. I am sure I was not describing it well. After all, it was my first time taking apart a crib. He could not give me much advice since he was confused but that was OK because suddenly I had a light bulb go off in my head. Why not turn the tool around. Genius! Well, not really... I had been using the tool wrong all along. The long part is the handle and not the tool.

A few seconds later I completed my task. The crib was taken apart, the toddler bed in place, and the crib hauled off to the garage. There was a bump in the road but ultimately I did complete this project by myself.

Geez... Talk about a brain fart. It must be the lack of sleep.



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