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MeloMomma: Holiday Farts Guaranteed To Smell Up The Whole House

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Farts Guaranteed To Smell Up The Whole House

As the children were nestled all snug in their bed, their father lay there almost pooping his pants.

We had spent Christmas with my mom at her house and this one night I am about to share made a memory none of us would forget.

My brother, mom, and I sat in the living room watching television, enjoying each others company when arouse such a stink. Could it be? Oh, no Santa doesn't smell like that. I sat in the rocker getting a whiff of this awful stench once in a while. I didn't want to think it could be, but I could not kid myself. It was him. Oh my goodness. At my mom's house my husband lay asleep and farting up a storm.

I told my brother to be warned as he was not sitting far from me. He snickered. I do not think he knew what was coming. Shortly after I warned him he mumbled, "I think the fart is coming through the wall."
My mom and I could not contain ourselves as we laughed hysterically.

As the television show finished, my brother got up to use the restroom. He returned saying, "It is pretty bad when you have to plug your nose just to get into the restroom." Again, we burst into laughter.

I decided to check things out first hand. I entered the war zone, otherwise known as, the bedroom. Both of my kids were also asleep in this room. I wondered if they would make it out alive in the morning, or if they might die from the toxic gas fumes.

I had done it now! I had opened the door out out came the beast. The whole living room, dining room ,and hall way now smelled of my husbands tooshy. The air thickened as the fumes took over the whole house. All we could do is laugh.

At one point it was so bad I actually woke him up and asked him to quit farting. He rolled over and in a groggy tone responded, "Huh? I am not farting." With that, he rolled over and loudly farted two more times!

About another hour passed and I was ready for bed. I laid down and was back up less than a minute later. I had to grab the air freshener. If it was not so cold out, I would have opened a window.

The next morning we had to give him a bad time about stinking up the house. Luckily, my husband has a good sense of humor and he was able to laugh with us.

This was a smelly Christmas to remember.

*Note, my husband gave his permission to blog this story.



At January 8, 2011 at 7:56 PM , Blogger jackie said...

oh my gosh....... good thing you did not light a match in the room!! EXPLOSION!


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