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MeloMomma: Mommy Brain; A Case Of The Tired and Forgetful Mom

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mommy Brain; A Case Of The Tired and Forgetful Mom

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I am busy rushing around getting ready for the holidays, just like everyone else! Somehow, I lost a day. I am now finding myself a little behind and I  jumping up to rush around. I had planned on just playing with the kids all morning and then getting busy later in the afternoon, but now....

I have a major case of "mommy brain" lately. I have been seeming to forget little things a lot. Just a month ago I loaded the kids up for school. When I got to the top of the hill I realized we had left 45 minutes early. I really think I need to step it up and get Hayden in his Toddler Bed! I am really tired these days.

We managed to get pretty much everything ready and had time to go play with the neighbors too. While we were playing, my husband left the house, arming the security system. An hour later, the kids and I were hungry and ready to go home.OH NO! I have done it again with the "mommy brain". I did not bring my keys and the alarm was on. I could not even go through the garage.

I called my husband and he was out with a different neighbor. He would be another 30 minutes. My little ones was getting really fussy, but we were making do. Thirty minutes turned into 45 and finally he was home.

Off to make dinner! I am so blessed to have such amazing neighbors. Now, if I could only get a little more sleep and stop these massive brain farts.

Have a Very Merry Christmas MeloMomma Readers!



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