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MeloMomma: Home Made Easter Basket

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Made Easter Basket


It may not appear sturdy, but it sure is! This little basket will hold as many plastic eggs and your child can fit into it! It is a blast to make and it takes lots of glue to create this basket. What kiddo doesn’t love using glue?

What you will need:

Construction paper

Paper bag





Cut out several flowers. For a small basket you need at least 20.

Using your markers, decorate your flowers or just draw a dot in the center.

Cut the paper bag into a piece approx. 12inX5in. (or any other desired size)

Cut a handle for the basket about 1in. wide.

Glue the ends together to form a circle shape.

Trace the bottom of the basket onto another piece of paper bag.

Cut out the circle. (cut the circle slightly bigger than traced so you have room to glue it on)

Glue the circle to the bottom of the basket.

Glue on the handle.

Glue on the flowers.

Allow to dry.


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