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A Series Of Unfortunate Events "Happy Birthday From Mr. Virus"

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MeloMomma: A Series Of Unfortunate Events "Happy Birthday From Mr. Virus"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events "Happy Birthday From Mr. Virus"

It is my birthday week and my mom is over visiting with a few presents. I teased her as I opened one saying, “I hope this is the Maroon 5 CD I wanted.” Well, it was not. It was a OSU Beaver shirt and I loved it. Mom's listen well and remember well too.

Later that night when I was putting the kids to sleep she called my brother and told him that I wanted the Maroon 5 CD. He was thankful for the tip and said he would order it. I heard the conversation because I was just up the stairs.

I was no excited I started checking the mail daily. Anxiously, I was running out to check the minute I heard the mail lady drive up. It had not showed up and my actual birthday was here. Oddly enough on my birthday I got a email from Fedex. It was telling me there was a problem with the delivery address. There was an attachment. I figured it would be the details of where to go to pick up my package so I opened it. Problem... It won't open. A window keeps popping up on the screen saying Trojan. Weird I thought but still excited to track down my CD I looked up the telephone number to Fedex. The phone operator was very kind when he informed me the email was spam and the Trojan window was a VIRUS! OMG! I got off the phone and ran a virus scan. Geez! All of this over a Maroon 5 CD!

A week went by and there was nothing so I called my mom. I was not suppose to know about the CD, so I could not ask my brother. She said she would follow up with him.

While laughing hysterically at this situation, my mom got word from my brother that he can not even remember if he ordered it. He can not remember the name of the place he might have ordered it from either. Must be those late nights. After all he is in grad school.

We decided we would give it yet another week to see if it came. Well, it still had not come at the end of that week. Again, I called my mom.

Finally David's bank statement came. My mother can now determine if the CD was indeed purchased. It was not. Here comes the funny. I have to screw with my brother just a little. I just sent him a txt message thanking him for the gift. I told him I love it and it is playing right now. HA HAHA. The gift never came but I am going to screw with him just a bit before telling him I am joking. He txt me back saying, “I am so glad. What a big relief. Happy Birthday”. I am laughing so hard as I call my mom and tell her so she too can joke with him. She gave him a bad time via 7 emails. I decided to send another txt telling him I love the CD and that it has been playing non stop all day. He again sends a txt back telling me how happy he is I like it. Around 6 p.m. I decided it was time to let him know. I called him and he was a good sport about it. He even snickered a little bit too. Brother, “You Have Been Punked”.



At November 24, 2010 at 7:32 PM , Blogger jackie said...

laughing....... what a GREAT story..... your poor brother, but sounds like he deserved you fun harassing!


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