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Day2: "The Toddler Bed"

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MeloMomma: Day2: "The Toddler Bed"

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day2: "The Toddler Bed"

Last night was fantastic! There was no resistance when I laid Hayden down at all. I did lay with him to help him fall asleep but that is ok. It is only day two. We will work on him falling asleep on his own in the next few days.

The best part of last night was that he stayed in his bed without waking up until 1am. This was a whopping 2 hours more than the previous night! I am impressed at the quick progress.

When I went to get him at 1am, he was nlot even crying. I had heard some rustling so I went to check on him and he was standing there by his door being so patient and waiting for mommy to come get him.

The failing part of last night was me. I did bring him to my bed at 1am. I know... I know....



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