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MeloMomma: Rough Morning

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rough Morning

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4:30am... I can hear my husband rustling around in his dresser. My little one was sleeping with me and is not a sound sleeper at all. This could be bad. It is too early to be awake!

4:40am... Little Hayden is up and I am trying so hard to keep him at least drowsy with a bottle. Come on baby, Mama is still tired!

4:42am... My husband is back in the room needing a towel for a shower. He had an early morning meeting he had forgotten about due to being sick.

I am wide awake now and I am not always happy when I am woken up early. I am laying in bed extremely frustrated and not to mention I can not get comfortable. I must have slept wrong and my back is killing me. All I can hear is my husband going down the stairs to make coffee and get breakfast. Now, he is doing nothing wrong but my sleep is way to precious to me.

4:47am... I send my husband a text. Thank god for technology. I asked him to come in the room to turn on the air conditioner. I was hoping to down out the noise. It worked pretty well. I managed to get somewhat comfortable and got little Hayden back to sleep.

5:03am... What the heck is that? My shirt is warm and wet! My son's diaper leaked! Can anything else go wrong this morning? I threw a blanket down, knowing if I changed the sheets we would be up for good (oh, and no I did not sleep in the wet shirt but I gotta keep it G rated).

5:20am... Dozing back off to sleep! YES!

5:50am... "Mom, Get Up!", says Gabriel (my 4 year old).
I guess getting a good nights sleep was not in my cards.
I hope my pain and exhaustion has at least brought you a smile. :)



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