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Friday, December 31, 2010

No More Bottle

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I am always trying to improve on things in life and this is why I always post challenges. For the last two days I have had a huge challenge going on but I did not post it. I am weaning my 18 month old off his bottle. It has been three days since he has had a bottle and it has not been an easy task.

The last two days I have been running on nothing but two pots of coffee and my patience is running very thin. However, since this is the third day with no bottle, I'd say I have accomplished my goal and it will only get easier from here on out.

It is a breeze all day until he gets tired. Hayden loves his bottle when hurt or tired, and this is what sooths him to sleep. The first day he refused to nap and come 3:00 pm, he literally passed out he was so tired. I sat down in the rocker with him and he shut his eyes 1/8 of a second later, despite all the noise in the playroom. He slept sound but was very upset when he woke up and did not get a bottle. I had a good thirty minutes of crying to deal with then. It made me feel so bad, but I knew it needed to be done!

Night time was really hard. Although there was really not a lot of crying it took just shy of two hours to get him to go to sleep. Once asleep, there was three times he woke up. The worst was at 4 am. We were up for 1 1/2 hours.

It is getting easier and I am hoping that tonight there is more sleeping going on and less crying. I am hoping that this will help to keep him asleep in his toddler bed too. After all, if he doesn't have to wake up to find a bottle there is no need to wake up! Wish me luck!



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