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A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 1

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MeloMomma: A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 1

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 1

I had been feeling weird for the last few days. I could not really explain how I felt. I just kept trucking along working and doing my thing. A few days later I couldn't take it anymore. My chest hurt so bad I knew something was up. I did not tell my husband anything as I snuck off to the bathroom. Guess what I was doing? As lady like as this sounds, I was peeing on a stick. I didn't just pee on one stick but I peed on three sticks. Oh goodness! These stick must be old! They are telling me I am pregnant. I mean... I guess I could be, but really? No, they are old! I am sure of it!

I was scared and ran out to tell my husband. He was very quiet and asked if I was serious?. I said I would like to go get yet another test. So, off to the drug store we go. We picked out the best of the best pregnancy tests and rushed home. I think the idea of having a baby was starting to excite my hubby because he had a silly half grin on his face that was not changing form.

Back to the bathroom for me. I was running out of pee and found it hard to complete my task but I managed. Three minutes later and four pregnancy tests later I finally believed it. I was pregnant!

I had always wanted a baby. Actually, I wanted a baby so badly I couldn't stand it but at this moment fear took over. I started to cry. I was afraid of how bad birth would hurt. Little did I know about the hardship I would encounter leading up to the birth. I also had not idea how much I would love being pregnant. I was soon going to feel little kicks and flutters in my belly. Only a mother knows how precious that feels.

I knew I needed to call my mom. I just knew she woukd be mad. She really wanted me to take more time for me and my husband before having kids. She wanted us to experience life and travel, with the money we did not have. :)We had been together for several years; but married less than a year.

I called and she was very supportive from the minute I called. She gave me the pep talk I needed. Now I am sure she cringed and was not totally happy after she hung up from me, but she kept her mom face on when she needed to!

Oh man! I can't explain the mixture of emotions I was feeling on this night. I could not believe it. I was going to be a mom.

I did not plan on telling anyone until I confirmed at the doctors but I was so excited the next day I told everyone!

Melissa was finally going to be a mom. This was what I had wanted for so long!!!

*Check back tomorrow as I go to my first doctors appointment. I was puking, but was I puking from morning sickness or for other reasons? What would my doctor say? Would she see two heart beats?



At February 7, 2011 at 2:05 PM , Blogger jackie said...

I have joy & excitement for you as I read your blog! : )


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