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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am Considering Raising Stinky Kids!

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I have had it with bath time. It is not a pleasant experience to say the least.

Bath time goes a little like this. I get the bath water running for my oldest son, Gabe. He loves to get in before the tub is full to pretend like the water falling from the faucet is a waterfall for his superheros. Meanwhile, as I am trying to maintain order, my little one, Hayden, is running away from me an over to screw with his brother. He is swatting his hand at the water his brother is playing in. As I pull him away, Gabe is pushing him and Hayden is bawling. He wants to be a big boy so bad. I try to hold Hayden until the water fills up but he wiggles so badly I am afraid of dropping him and I let him go. Much to my dismay. This scenario repeats itself several times until the bath is full.

We are set now. I turn the shower on and Hayden is happy to be in there with the water getting clean. I block the drain with a rag so he gets the pool of water too.

All is fine and dandy when for no reason Gabe starts crying. The bubbles are going away. I explain to him that is just what bubbles do but there is no reasoning with him and I am not about to listen to that whining over bubbles. TIME TO GET OUT!

I thought it would cause another fit when I said it was time to get out but it all went smooth. As soon as they were dried off and dressed we went on with our happy morning.

So, I have to think to myself.... why do I bathe them? It is not enjoyable and it never goes smoothly. This makes me consider raising stinky kids who only shower once a week and not daily. Well, not really... I could never do that. But... it would be nice to skip a few baths.  



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