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Day4: "The Toddler Bed"

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MeloMomma: Day4: "The Toddler Bed"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day4: "The Toddler Bed"

Well... I think is safe to say that it is a very bad idea to put your toddler in his own bed during the cold season! Last night was a rough one all night! I listened to coughing all night from both boys.
So, you can guess that we were not successful in staying in the toddler bed all night. We started out strong but the coughing kept us awake even in my bed.
I do not think I will continue to update daily on this subject because we all know that this cold is not going away tomorrow. However, I will keep at it and update as I see the success! I hope to see success by the end of the month?
Thanks for following in another one of MeloMomma's Mom Challenges!



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