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A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 7

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MeloMomma: A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 7

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 7

She says to me, “Melissa, You did not pee your pants!” I smiled with delight. I knew I was not going to be a pregnant pee pee pants. She continues, “Your water has broke and your cramps are contractions. You are already dilated to a 2.” I did not know how this could be! I am only 27 weeks along and starting labor. She went on to say, “the nurse will be giving you a steroid shot to develop your premature baby's lungs and give him a better chance for survival, as well as a shot to stop the contractions.” I heard the word survival and began to cry! What was going to happen to my baby?

Another nurse walked in with a wheel chair. I sat in the wheel chair and was wheeled to the nurses station where I got to make a call. I chose to call my mom. I knew I could try my husband on my cell later and she could get there faster. All I remember saying was, “ My water broke. Get here now!” I was crying too hard to talk, so the nurse took over the call. She had a 1 ½ hour drive but I swear she was there in an hour.

I was then wheeled across the street and admitted to the hospital. As the nurses were asking all about my medical history and administering my IV, my doctor walked in wearing scrubs. I tried to smile and make light of the situation. I complimented her on her attire.
She flashed me a quick smile as she got down to business. She explained to me that an ambulance was waiting outside to transport me to another town an hour away. They have a NICU there. She then went on to say that she would not be there to deliver my baby but that the high risk doctor would. And here comes the kicker... She said I would be staying in the hospital until I delivered within the next 48 hours. Seriously? Was I really going to deliver this baby?

I had been frantically trying to reach my husband. He was at an awards dinner and had his phone on silent. About 50 phone calls later I reached him! I told him to stay, I would be OK, but he was on the next flight home and my mom would be picking him up from the airport to bring him to me in the hospital. It was going to be a really long night for all of us! There was no way he was going to let me go through this alone.

I was lucky enough to have a decent piece of eye candy to accompany me on my ambulance ride to the next hospital. When I reached the hospital I had less than 5 minutes to settle into my room when the nurses started poking me with more needles! 2 minutes later my mom arrived! 1 hour later my dad arrived! 1 more hour later my mom left to get my husband. 3 hours later my mom and husband made it back! 10 minutes later the doctor came in.

He delivered the most unsettling news! I burst out in tears and asked everyone to leave my room.



At February 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM , Blogger jackie said...

oh no... please hurry back... this is too much, having to wait for the news.........

what a very touching story!


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