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A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 4

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MeloMomma: A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 4

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 4

A few weeks later my husband and I are driving to a near by town to see the high risk pregnancy specialists. My husbands side of the family had a lose due to genetics, so we needed to get checked out as well. Oddly, I was not nervous. I felt pretty confident our baby would be ok. We were also going to finally find out the sex of our baby, so I was uber excited.

Thankfully this was just an ultra sound because the doctor was a man! Prior to seeing the doctor, we had to meet with the genetic specialist counselor. She guided us back into a beige colored room. I listend for about five minutes then tuned her out. I just could not focus as she spoke in a monotone voice and drew circles on her poster board. Finally, she stopped talking and stood up. Now, she had my attention! It was time to see the doctor!

She led us to the exam room, where surprisingly, the doctor was already waiting. I laid down on the table anticipating that cold gel they put on your tummy before the ultra sound. It made a nasty fart noise as he squeezed out a big blob. I was pleasantly surprised when the gel was warm.

The room was very quiet as he moved the ultra sound wand across my belly, stopping momentarily to make notes on his computer. I was trying to read his facial features, but he just had a half grin on his face the entire time.

He was done! Here comes the news. The doctor turned to me and said, “ Melissa, your baby looks perfectly healthy with no genetic abnormalities.” My husband and I both looked at each other and sighed with relief. I felt pretty positive our baby was going to be just fine, so now on to what I really want to know.


My excitement took over and I blurted out, “ that's great news, now tell me what I am having!”

I really wanted a boy. I have no idea why I wanted a boy, but that was my wish. I had already planned on dressing him up in cute preppy outfits. I wanted to spike his hair and give him a baby hawk.

The doctor makes the big announcement, “You guys ready for this? YOU ARE HAVING A BOY!”

I was so excited I cried happy tears immediately! Now I get to decorate his room and buy him the cutest wardrobe. In this moment, I felt so happy and complete.



At February 12, 2011 at 10:07 AM , Blogger jackie said...

What a great story! Every mother can relate to your writing! Thanks for sharing with us & bringing back "OUR" memories of child rearing! : )

I might add, I have an awesome Daughter & Son!


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