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MeloMomma: DIY Valentine Wreath; Tee Shirt Wreath; Kid Friendly

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIY Valentine Wreath; Tee Shirt Wreath; Kid Friendly

This was a really fun crafting activity to do. It is so cute and yet so simple. I am all about doing crafts with materials you generally have in your home. How many of you have 3-4 tee shirts that you just don't wear or that might even have stains on them? Yep, that is what I thought. You all do!
I choose some shirts that were Valentine's colors, but any color will do!

What you will need:
Tee shirts

Make a circle shape with one tee shirt.
Cut the seam off of the bottom of the remaining tee shirts.
Cut the shirts in strips approx. 3 inches in width. There is no need to cut perfect. Jagged edges are just fine, so go ahead and let your kiddo practice their scissor skills.

Then cut the strips in half. Each half should be 8-12 inches long.
Take one strip and tie it around the circle where the two ends meet. Your are using this first piece to keep the circle in place and lock the tee shirt ends together.
Continue with the tee shirt strips until the wreath is full and desired look is accomplished.

* I started out with a pattern, but I quickly realized that doing this with kids, a pattern is taking away from the fun. Quite honestly... I like the look I got better after I ditched the pattern.
I also had left over tee shirt strips, so I added a few here and there to create a fuller look!

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