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Kid Friendly Jester Hat; Mardi Gras Kid Style

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MeloMomma: Kid Friendly Jester Hat; Mardi Gras Kid Style

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kid Friendly Jester Hat; Mardi Gras Kid Style

What you will need:
Construction paper
Pom Poms

Tape 2 pieces of paper together and cut a 3 inch strip.
Tape the ends together to form a circle. (tape the inside and the outside of the hat)
Cut out 6 long paper strips. (similar to a long triangle)
Wrap the paper strips around your finger to get them to curl.
Glue a pom pom to each one.
Allow to dry.
Tape to the inside of the hat.

Please note that I made the mistake of only making one! My boys fought over it (Don't let the face in the top picture fool you. He was just being a clown), so word to the wise... Make at least one for each child. Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!

We also recently made: Paper Plate Leprechauns, Awesome Sparkly Mardi Gras Masks, and Toilet Paper Roll Dr. Seuss Hat

Oh... and if you wondered what to have for breakfast on Fat Tuesday, you can have some Vanilla Crepes with me!



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