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MeloMomma: Bedtime

Sunday, October 17, 2010


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How quick does your little one scurry off to bed when you call out bed time?

In my house it is pretty quick. I say bed and I'd say my son is up the stairs within 3 minutes and very minimal whining. Are you thinking about what an awesome mom I am or how awesome my son is? Think again... we are normal.

What happens after the teeth are brushed an he is in bed is a different story. The real question is "how many times does your little one get out of bed after being put down"? Mine gets out about 5 times. One of the things I often hear wile he is delaying bed is, “Mom, I am hungry”. How can this be? He just ate. A favorite things to say is, “Mom, I just have to go pee”. I am all for this one and he knows it. He had to pee three times last night. After the third try he asked me why there was no pee coming out. Gee son... because there is none left. Now, go to bed! He does the classic one where he wants water and a new one here is to come in my room to tell me what is happening in the movie he is watching.

It drives me nuts but I love him so much. He seems to have perfect timing. He comes in the room just as I am getting his little brother asleep nine times out of ten. Oh... little silly children!

Why can't children cherish their sleep like us adults?  



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