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Day 3: " Dinner Time Battle"

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MeloMomma: Day 3: " Dinner Time Battle"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3: " Dinner Time Battle"

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It is the middle of the week and I was ready for a break tonight. I decided on a simple dinner. Tonight was grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I expected Gabe to eat all of the grilled cheese and not a single bite of the soup, but again I was wrong. The first thing he ate was soup. He said it was delicious and asked that nobody eat seconds. He said he wanted to save it all for him. Hmmm... what is going on with this kid?

Gabe sat there an ate very well, although his table manners were pretty rough. With every bite of soup I heard a slurp. Yum yum!

Tonight Gabe ate 3/4 of a whole grilled cheese and a full cup of tomato soup. As dinner time came to an end an he got full he decided to tell me the last few bites of soup were disgusting. Was it disgusting or was he just full?

Since my son is proving me wrong in this dinner time challenge I am considering starting a challenge for my little one, Hayden. I might call it, " Sleep in your own bed!". What do you think? Will I get so lucky with that challenge?



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