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MeloMomma: A Naked Morning

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Naked Morning

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I feel so naked and all alone! I have NO cell phone right now. My phone was not just an ordinary flip phone, it did everything! My whole routine is turned upside down this morning. No checking morning emails and facebook while cuddling my kids on the couch. I actually had to go old school and use my computer. I can not believe how much I rely on technology. I did not think I was so addicted.

I bet you are wondering why I have no phone. You remember a few days back when I posted about bath time being so unpleasant? Well, unpleasant is now an understatement. It is hell.

I was running bath water for Gabe and there is Hayden smacking his hand back and forth in the running water. This makes the water splash Gabe and I. We are a few feet from the running water, so you can imagine Gabe's frustration. I was helping Gabe get his clothes off and I felt a huge splash. At first thought I jumped quick thinking Hayden went over the edge. No, he did not. He threw a large truck in the water. As I leaned over to get the truck out my cell slipped. Right out of the pouch of my sweatshirt and into about 5 inches of water. It was completely submerged. Oh CRAP! I grabbed the phone as quick as I could, ripped the case and screen cover off of it. Of course I dried it off but I could still see water inside the screen. I ran into the office and got a can of air and tried to blow out the water. No luck! I ran down stairs and put it in a bowl of rice.

Since I am complaining of no phone you know nothing worked. Thankfully when my husband bought the phones he got me some good insurance. He knows how much technology hates me. I should be up and running with my new phone sometime tonight, but until then, my whole world has been turned upside down.



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