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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

High Maintenance Dogs

Not only do I have my two high maintenance boys, but I have two high maintenance dogs. Yes, that is right. They are prissy weenier dogs. As the rainy season is approaching the battle of getting them outside to pee begins. I refuse to allow them to use my rug as a potty patch this winter so I am taking a new approach.
My dogs sleep in the laundry room so they stay quiet and don't mess the house while we sleep. They are usually eager to get up when we do and go pee, however, if the grass is even a little wet they do not want to go outside. You know what this means. Those adorable but nasty dogs will pee in my house.

This year I am starting a new technique. I don’t want to have any accidents. When they wake up they will go outside, just like always, but I have to watch them close. They are sneaky little dogs. They will stand on the porch and not go potty. If they do this, it is back in the laundry room for them. Here comes the frustrating part. It is not like I can just tell them to go to the laundry room and they go. Nope! They are too stubborn and high maintenance. I have to one by one round them up and take them in there. 99% of the time I am doing this with my one year old, Hayden in my arms. Sometimes I can actually work up a sweat doing this. I have been continuing to do this until they go so it can take hours to complete this task. It is working so far!
So, imagine this. Mom is trying to get two boys breakfast, watch the prissy weenier dogs go pee, pour a cup of coffee, and turn on a tv show for the boys all at the same time within the first 5 minutes of waking up.
The dogs are on my poop list today. Each dog snagged a piece of my son's sausage off his plate. They have returned to the laundry room where they will remain for a while, or at least until everyone finishes their meal.
Why do I have to love weenier dogs (one of the most stubborn to train)? Could not I have chosen a German Shepard or something? Such is life and I love my crazy life!



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