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Day 1: "Dinner Time Battle"

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MeloMomma: Day 1: "Dinner Time Battle"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1: "Dinner Time Battle"

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Good evening all! It is day one of my 5 day “Dinner Time Battle”.

Tonight I made hard shell tacos for dinner. We had a fairly successful night. Instead of having Gabe's meal already dished up before I called him to dinner; I involved him a little more in the process of dishing up his dinner. This was a little different approach because I normally have him help me cook the dinner.

I already know he is not a meat eater, so instead of forcing him to put meat in his taco, I allowed him to put it on the side. However, he was required to taste it. Do you think he liked it? To my surprise, heck yeah, he did. I did cut the taco seasoning in half to tempt his taste buds, but it worked! I figured he'd spit it out immediately along with a gallon of saliva, but I am happy I was wrong. What is even better is that he asked for seconds and thirds. He ate about a cup of taco meat and all of his shell filled to the rim with cheese. He was still hungry after that and asked for more grated cheese. Holy cow! I am SHOCKED!

I really did not see us succeeding on day one but this was awesome. I am making a Spanish rice dish tomorrow and he is not one to like rice, so I am sure that will be an adventure.



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