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Snowman Pop- Homemade Christmas Present Topper

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MeloMomma: Snowman Pop- Homemade Christmas Present Topper

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowman Pop- Homemade Christmas Present Topper

What you will need:
orange marker or paint
black marker or paint
white cloth
rubber band
material (for scarf)

Cut a circle out of white fabric.

Draw the eyes, nose, an mouth in the center of the circle.
Place the fabric over the sucker making sure to align the face in the center.

Put a rubber band around at the base of the sucker.

Add the scarf.

** I met a sweet lady at a craft fair and got this idea from her. She chose not to provide her name but did OK me to share this with my readers. She added a few extra touches to make this even cuter. She placed a little foam in the center of the white circle before placing it on the sucker. It added a little puff to the top. She also added fake snow (could be created with white acrylic paint) to the top of the snowman and gave it a dash of glitter before it dried. Lastly, she made a cute little note on him saying "Snow pop".
Thanks to the sweet little lady who shared this tip with me!



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