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MeloMomma: A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 10

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Baby Story; Before MeloMomma Was Really MeloMomma Part 10

It has sure been one scary roller coaster ride, but we made it. It is induction time!

I have given all my medical information and I look so pretty in the hospital gown provided. LOL. It is time for the IV. The poor gal who tried my IV screwed up and got a butt chewing. I really hate getting the IV and I was furious she needed to poke me again.

The nurse had me figured out all ready. I am a spit fire. She got another nurse, with more experience, to do my IV. Lickedy split... it was in.

Now I just needed to wait for my doctor for the cervidil drug to start the contractions.

My doctor arrived and she checked me prior to giving me the medicine. She gave me a look I had seen before! I just knew it. My cramps the night before were contractions! This was it!

She could not give me the meds since I was begining labor.She did manually break my water and start me on pitocin. I was dilated to a 4! Here we go. Giddy up!

My mom arrived right after the pitocin was administered. We were relaxing and having a nice conversation when I started feeling the sharpest pains in my back. It felt like a knife being twisted in circles against my spine. The baby was in the right position for delivery, but I was having back labor!

I tired the rocking chair as a pain reliever. It was a sad attempt. Five minutes later I asked for an epidural.

The epidural scared the crap out of me but I sure did feel good after it was in. I was up cracking jokes and feeling really happy! I was pretty impressed by the epideral. I had my husband take pictures. I just had to get a look at the wire hanging out of my back.

I was 11 hours into my labor and told it was time to push!

I had not urges to push at all, but I guess I am a first time mom, so I do what the nurse says.

I pushed for 30 minutes and there was no progress. My nurse had me change positions.

I pushed for another 30 minutes and I was getting a little tired. This was not at all like how you see it in the movies. I got a 2 minute break and was asked to change positions again. I felt so frustrated. The baby moved down with every push but then went right back up the birth canal. I had very little feeling from the epidural, so my doctor said to yank the meds. I was going to push this baby out all natural! Now, I was seen more scared than before!

We are 1 hour 55 minutes into the pushing. She is making me push every second. Feeling frustrated, I told her to let me breath. My mom, who was waiting outside thought I had said “I can't breath”. She was then put into a panic and worried mode. She was standing in he hall scared to death not knowing what was happening.

My doctor said it was time! Time for a C Section.



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