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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Heart Wreath; Kid Friendly Valentine's Day Craft

What you will need:
Construction paper
Glitter Glue (optional)

Cut out several hearts or various colors and shapes.

Glue them together and on top of each other in the shape of a heart or circle.

Add glitter glue if desired.


Friday, February 4, 2011

And The Winner Of the Sobeejoe Valentine Card Giveaway Is....

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Tatum says, " I'd love to win. These are super cute!!! Love the hearts for eyes. Also saw her other examples under Local Reviews!"

Congrats Tatum!

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Thanks for playing! I have another giveaway coming up soon... Stay tuned! I

Could I Have Sued Dr. BadGuy?; Dental Appointment Gone Very Bad

Image courtesy of

I have been MIA all day because I had to take my 4 year old to the dentist. I actually lost sleep over this appointment. Let me tell you why!

It all started two years ago when my son had a cavity. I took him to a pediatric dentist in a near by town. It was the only pediatric dentist near by and I figured since it is a kid's dentist we should be safe. I was really really wrong.

The hygienist called us back into the room where a second hygienist was waiting. She took my son out of my arms and without warning put him in the chair and put the gas on his nose. He was hysterical. Some strange woman took him from his mommy and shoved something up his nose. I attempted to walk over and calm him down but the hygienist scolded me like a dog telling me to stay put in my chair. Then she noticed I was pregnant and told me that I had to leave the room because of the gas. I remember as clear as day. With a mean and angry tone I said to the two ladies, " I did not ask for him to have gas and I am NOT leaving this room!"

I was raging mad and I should have taken my son and walked out. I honestly still do not know what made me stay.

In walks Dr. BadGuy (name has been changed for privacy reasons). My son is still really sad and crying. Dr. BadGuy needed to give the shots to numb him but there was no reason for what happened next. Dr. BadGuy actually yelled in my son's face to be quiet. He used the word shut up! I was so schocked! Then my son screams, "You're hurting me, You're hurting me". I could have cared less what the hygienist was going to say. I waited 5 seconds after the shots were done and I picked him up out of the chair. He needed me and I was going to calm him down. A few glares were exchanged but she kept quiet.

There was minimal small talk between me and the hygienist as we sat in the room waiting for the shots to take effect.

I wanted to cry and scream and leave. Nobody should treat my baby like that. At this point the only reason I stayed is because he was already really numb.

Dr.BadGuy strapped him in this restraint and filled the cavities. He sobbed the whole time and it took every ounce of strength I had to not cry as well.

I left that office in a hurry giving out as many awful looks I could as I made my way up to pay. I was really happy to have my baby in my arms! I held him tight as I paid for the hell we had just been through. The receptionist said, see you in six months and I mumbled back a choice word or two as I left that dental office and Dr.BadGuy for good!

Gabe, my son came home with extremely swollen cheeks that were actually bruised. He looked like he had been beat up. Imagine my sadness seeing my baby look like he just came out of a UFC cage fight. That was pretty poor service and his face was the proof.

Gabe fell asleep on the ride home and I called my mom and sobbed for a good hour over what had happened.

Needless to say, we LOVE our dentist now! They are rock stars! We spent the morning there and there was not even a tear out of Gabe. In fact, on the ride home, he said he wants to go to the dentist everyday.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Tacos In A Bowl

1 lb. lean ground beef
1 package of taco seasoning
2 cans of stewed tomatoes
1 can of corn, drained
1 can of chili beans.
Crushed tortilla chips
Shredded cheddar cheese
Salsa, guacomole, sour cream (optional)

Brown the beef (add seasoning) and drain.
Spray Slowcooker with non stick spray.
Place beef in the bottom and layer with tomatoes, chili beans, and corn.
Cook on low for 4 hours.
Sprinkle with cheese and chips.



Today Is Brought To You By The Letter Z; Toilet Paper Roll Zebra

What you will need:
Toilet paper roll
Glue stick
Black Marker

Cover the toilet paper roll in white paper.
Use tape to secure it.
Cut out an oval for the face.
Draw the eyes and nose.
Glue it on.
Cut out two ears and two arms.

Using a black marker, draw the stripes on the arms and ears.
Glue them on.
Draw stripes on the body.

This is the last post from my Alphabet Series. Did you guys like it or no?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Handprint Valentine Card; A Handful Of Love; For That Extra Special Someone

What you will need:
Construction paper

Trace your child's hands and cut them out.
Cut out a heart.
Glue the hands together at the base.
Glue the heart onto the middle of the where the hands meet.

I snagged this idea from Making Friends but put my own spin on it. I hope you love it as much as I did.

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Today Is Brought To You By The Letter X and Y; Connect The Dots and Decorate A Letter

Image courtesy of
I am combining these letters since the crafts are pretty simple. You can do two in one day or split it up.

X: Today let us connect the dots. I love making my own connect the dot pages. I take a simple shape
(like a triangle or a star) and connect numbers 1-10 to make the shape of the letter!
Simple and easy!

Y: Cut out the Letter Y with construction paper. Grab glitter, glue, markers, stickers, or crayons and decorate the letter.

As always, be sure to practice the sounds these letters make and practice writing them!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Heart Flower; Toddler and Pre School Friendly Craft

What you will need:
Consrtuction paper
Popcicle stick
Red or Pink Marker

Cut out 7 hearts. (I folded the paper in halves to speed this up and get the same shape hearts)
Glue 5 hearts onto the top of the popcicle stick to form the flower.
Cut out a circle.
Draw a face onto the circle and glue it on.
Glue on the last 2 hearts to make the flower's pedals.
Add the finishing touches by adding dots with a red marker.

Additional ideas: Add the finishing touches with glitter glue!

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Today Is Brought To You By The Letter W; Playdough Letters

I am pretty sure most of you have playdough laying around. Hurry! Go grab some!

Encourage your child to make a letter W by rolling out a long piece (like a snake) and shaping it into the letter W. Cookie cutters work well.

As always, practice writing the letter and saying it's sound.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder; A Simple 5 Minute Craft

What you will need:
Popsicle sticks
Toiler Paper Roll

Lightly coat the toilet paper roll with glue.
Line the toilet paper roll with Popsicle sticks (the Dollar Store sells a large multi colored pack)
Allow to dry and out pencils in it.

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Today Is Brought To You By The Letter V; Magazine Letter Collage

Grab a few of your old magazines, glue, and some safety scissors. This is a really simple, yet effective way to learn the letter V.

Sit your child down and ask them to flip through the magazine cutting out any picture starting with the letter V or any actual letter "V".

Once they have several clippings, make a collage of their findings by gluing it all on a piece of construction paper!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine Butterfly

What you will need:
Toilet paper roll
Construction paper
Pipe Cleaner
Black Marker

Cover the toilet paper roll with pink paper.
Secure it with tape.
Cut out a red heart.

Tape it to the back of the toilet paper roll. This is the wings.
Cut out five small pink hearts.
Glue 4 onto the wings for a design.
Glue one on for the face.
Draw the face with a black marker.

Decorate with glitter for more glam.

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Today Is Brought To You By The Letter U; Letter Memory Matching Game

Image courtesy of
Cut out twelve paper squares.
Write the letter U on 6 of them.
Write the letter A on 2 of them.
Write the letter B on 2 of them.
Write the letter C on 2 of them.

Turn the squares face down and picking up on at a time try to find the matches.
If you do not find a match it is the opponents turn.
If you do find a match you get to go again.

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