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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am Considering Raising Stinky Kids!

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I have had it with bath time. It is not a pleasant experience to say the least.

Bath time goes a little like this. I get the bath water running for my oldest son, Gabe. He loves to get in before the tub is full to pretend like the water falling from the faucet is a waterfall for his superheros. Meanwhile, as I am trying to maintain order, my little one, Hayden, is running away from me an over to screw with his brother. He is swatting his hand at the water his brother is playing in. As I pull him away, Gabe is pushing him and Hayden is bawling. He wants to be a big boy so bad. I try to hold Hayden until the water fills up but he wiggles so badly I am afraid of dropping him and I let him go. Much to my dismay. This scenario repeats itself several times until the bath is full.

We are set now. I turn the shower on and Hayden is happy to be in there with the water getting clean. I block the drain with a rag so he gets the pool of water too.

All is fine and dandy when for no reason Gabe starts crying. The bubbles are going away. I explain to him that is just what bubbles do but there is no reasoning with him and I am not about to listen to that whining over bubbles. TIME TO GET OUT!

I thought it would cause another fit when I said it was time to get out but it all went smooth. As soon as they were dried off and dressed we went on with our happy morning.

So, I have to think to myself.... why do I bathe them? It is not enjoyable and it never goes smoothly. This makes me consider raising stinky kids who only shower once a week and not daily. Well, not really... I could never do that. But... it would be nice to skip a few baths.  


Friday, October 15, 2010

Rough Morning

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4:30am... I can hear my husband rustling around in his dresser. My little one was sleeping with me and is not a sound sleeper at all. This could be bad. It is too early to be awake!

4:40am... Little Hayden is up and I am trying so hard to keep him at least drowsy with a bottle. Come on baby, Mama is still tired!

4:42am... My husband is back in the room needing a towel for a shower. He had an early morning meeting he had forgotten about due to being sick.

I am wide awake now and I am not always happy when I am woken up early. I am laying in bed extremely frustrated and not to mention I can not get comfortable. I must have slept wrong and my back is killing me. All I can hear is my husband going down the stairs to make coffee and get breakfast. Now, he is doing nothing wrong but my sleep is way to precious to me.

4:47am... I send my husband a text. Thank god for technology. I asked him to come in the room to turn on the air conditioner. I was hoping to down out the noise. It worked pretty well. I managed to get somewhat comfortable and got little Hayden back to sleep.

5:03am... What the heck is that? My shirt is warm and wet! My son's diaper leaked! Can anything else go wrong this morning? I threw a blanket down, knowing if I changed the sheets we would be up for good (oh, and no I did not sleep in the wet shirt but I gotta keep it G rated).

5:20am... Dozing back off to sleep! YES!

5:50am... "Mom, Get Up!", says Gabriel (my 4 year old).
I guess getting a good nights sleep was not in my cards.
I hope my pain and exhaustion has at least brought you a smile. :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Things You Wish Your Child Did Not Say In Public

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"Hey Mom, look at that funny little funny silly guy" are the exact words out of Gabe's (my 4 year old) mouth. He looked directly at a little person an very loudly said this. Now, it would not have been so bad if the man was not standing less than a foot away. I instantly felt my face turn red! This is a situation that I was not prepared to handle and quite frankly had no clue what to say.

Do I apologize on behalf of my son, act like I didn't hear it, or immediately begin to lecture my son about his misuse of words? I think deep down I wanted to laugh at my son for being so candid but I remained calm and told him that was not a nice thing to say in public. Then we all scurried out the door. FAST! Once in the car, you can be assured, we had a talk about the episode.

It remains a funny story in our house and never fails to put a smile on my face when I think about the innocence of a child.

This was not the first time my loud mouth child has blurted out what is on his mind in a crowd of people. Oh.... the joys of motherhood!

Has something similar ever happened to you?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WHAT??? An Ordinary Day???

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You have got to be kidding me! I sarted this blog yesterday saying how crazy and silly my life is and what does life give me today? An ordinary day with very little mishap.

We started our day off early to a field trip with my son's pre school. I thought I would be late when I looked at the gas gauge and realized that after my nail appointment last night I forgot to fill up my gas guzzler. I whipped in to the nearest gas station and got myself a quick twenty. We were on time!

Neither of my kids liked the structure of the guided tour. It was an extreme challenge with my one year old. Let's just say there was a lot of loud crying. Once the tour was over and the play time began both kids had a blast.

Then the day got really fun! We had some friends come over for lunch and even more play time.There was that little bump in the road decidinig what to play and how to share, but I guess they are only 4 years old right? WAIT!!! HOLD IT!!! I must not forget the Massive meltdown my oldest son, Gabe had when his friends wanted to draw a picture on the art easel. Gabe has had the same drawing on the dry erase board for 3 months. If it even gets smudged he crys as if you just killed his cat. His meltdown today was extremely embarassing! I'd have to rate it an 8. Keep following my blog to hear about meltdowns rating a 9 and 10. LOL

Oh... and we even met a new neighbor kid. Score!!

Ok, now we get into the rough part of the day. DINNER! The dreaded word DINNER! Heaven forbid my sons eat their dinner and don'task for hard boiled eggs, pizza, and GoGurt. Gabe refused to eat the delicious pork chops I made, so he made off to play in the back yard while my one year old whined in his high chair until I picked him up and held him on my lap. I relish the day I can take a full thirty minutes to eat my dinner (with no kids on my lap) and actually taste it.

It was a pretty good day despite the normal bumps in the road.

Yet, since I started this blog just yesterday I am kicking myself and wondering where all the drama was today?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Little Ferret

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 It has been now 24 hours since I have brushed my teeth. I know... Grose, right?

Why have I not brushed my teeth you ask? Well, my little ferret has made off with my toothbrush. Funny part is we don't even have a ferret. My ferret is my one year old son, Hayden.

I have been searching all morning for my toothbrush. I especially wanted to brush after my six cupsof morning coffee, but no love. Finally, just minutes ago I found where "ferret" put it. It was far from where it should be. I found it in my oldest son's room.

Needless to say, my teeth are clean and I got an afternoon chuckle. Thanks little "ferret".

Do you have a "ferret" in your house?


Welcome To My Crazy Life

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 Who out there watches reality TV?

That's what I thought... You do!

I have spent several months pondering starting a blog. I just could not think of what to write about. I knew whatever I wrote about needed to be a passion of mine. While driving home from a firends house, it hit me. I love my life and I love my family. On top of that our life is so crazy and funny that if  I knew a TV producer I think we could have a hit reality show filming our family. However, we are not being filmed for a reality show, so here I go with this hilarious blog for you! I promise to make you laugh your pants off and even relate to me at times. You never know what crazy and funny story I will post.

Thank you for sharing my crazy journey of life an motherhood with me!